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We'd be fools not to ride this strange torpedo to the end
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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009
11:55 pm
Update coming shortly. I promise!!
Tuesday, April 14th, 2009
12:10 am
Cars & Money - Blech
Just about done with the semester! I can't believe how fast it's flown by. I got an A- in philosophy of biology. Horray! Just had my government final this evening. Hard confusing questions but I think I did okay. All I have left now is to pass in a paper that I haven't started yet for sociology! I will lock myself away tomorrow and write it. I should be happy and relieved but I'm pretty stressed out anyway.

Still worried about hygiene and now getting worried about money. After factoriing out rent, I only have about $400 to spend a month from now until Sept. And half of that is groceries. Hmph. Would be toleration except when I go home on Wed I need to register my car, pay insurance for the year, pay for application to Bangor hygiene school (as backup) and also pay for motorcycle course if I get a spot! AH! Which reminds me, I applied to take a course to get my bike license this summer. I hope they have a spot for me!! But then I'd need a bike!

Which brings me back to my damn car. So it had this weird squeak back home. Took it to the shop. He said it was fixed. Okay. Now I'm here and the same squeak is going on. Doesn't do it when I step on the breaks though and doesn't do it when it's wet. Tony thinks its break pads or hub bearing. I take it to Honda because I know the owner and I know we'll be treated well. And we were! But they told us that they couldn't find anything wrong. Took it for a test drive and couldn't hear the squeak. And they checked the pads, they were fine. Apparently didn't check the hub bearing though because they said it would have made some other noise (forgot what). So I felt better that the car was okay. But then we drove off and it started squeaking REALLY loudly. AND now there is another sound. So there are two simultaneous weird noises at the same time. Forgot what Tony thought the other might be but it sounded expensive. Guys at Honda did mention that the squeak could be because I don't have Mercury break pads and sometimes they don't fit perfectly. So maybe I should look into getting some. But now I have another weird noise. Tony thinks I could easily put $1,000 into my car. *sigh* At least it runs fine. . .for now.

Anyway, I'll be back in Maine on Wed. Horrah!! Going to Portland for the weekend but then I'll be home for a couple of weeks.

I just saw a commercial that I love. It's a McDonalds commercial and the dad is with his hockey playing daughter (about 9 years old) having a meal:
Girl: Dad, do you ever with I was a boy?
Dad: If you were a boy, who'd I take to Saturday morning practice?
Who'd I teach to go stick side?
Girl: *gives Dad a discouraged look*
Dad: If you were a boy, who'd be my little girl?


Saturday, April 4th, 2009
12:45 am
Winding Down!
Since my livejournal posts automatically transfer to facebook, I just want to say HI to any possible new FB reader. I better be careful what I say. My posts are getting very accessible. I'll stop bad-mouthing my classmates behind their backs. ;) Just kidding if any of you are reading this.

Winding down the semester. It's kind of crazy. I have one week of class left and then one final. I'm done the day after Easter! Then I'm going to get out of Tony's way for a bit (he's in school until the end of May) and spend a weekend in Portland and then go home for a week or two. Whatever I feel like I guess. So if you're in Eastport, Portland OR Orono and want to see me, give me a shout!! I miss everyone.

Meanwhile, aside from academics, I have to fill out the FAFSA, apply for an off campus work permit, and I'm also applying to the university of bangor's dental hygiene program as a backup incase tragedy strikes and I don't get in here. Which would be unbelievably horrible since I'd get kicked out of the country and someone else would have to live in MY apartment with MY boyfriend and use MY stuff that I chose to leave with him, lol. Anyway, I don't want to leave. I'm happy here. So, it's important. But at any rate, I will apply as a backup. I am SO tired of applying to school's btw. I was thinking the other day that I have sent a whopping FOUR UM transcripts to Dal. Two for dental, one for hygiene, and one as an undergrad. You'd think they'd stop asking after a while but you absolutely have to send a new one with each application, lol. Why do I do this to myself? I think I may secretly like the stress and uncertainty on some level. It's all I've ever known!
But enough about the bad stuff. . .here's some excitement from last weekend....

Friday the big thing was...Tony bought a data projector! And a 7 ft screen! He'd been talking about it for a while but I was kind of surprised he went through with it. I have to say though, it's really fun for watching a movie on or something during the weekend. We just have to get good speakers for a real movie theater experience!

Saturday, perhaps the best thing of 2009 so far. . . I had gotten us tickets to the Nova Scotia Symphony does QUEEN music!!!! It was totally not like I was expecting either. I thought it was going to be Queen music sort of incorporated into a symphonic sound, which would have been great! But this was even better! They had a band with them, Jeans N Classics, that go around and perform classic rock with symphonies in order to get younger people interested (although I might have been one of the youngest there!). Anyway, tremendous guitarist, bass player, pianist that sounded just like David Bowie, two female backup singers that do familiar radio jingles, and an awesome female drummer! PLUS, a lead singer (Michael Shotton)! I was against this at first. I'm generally against anyone singing Queen songs. But he did well! And he made it more enjoyable I think. And to top it off, during the second set, they also had a high school chorus! So you had the symphony (the strings REALLY rocked out!!), the band, and the chorus! He also got the audiance doing a lot of clapping and snapping and different beat stuff (radio ga ga, killer queen, we will rock you, etc)
The set list was: First Half-One Vison, A Kind of Magic, The Show Must Go On, Radio Ga Ga, Love of My Life, Another One Bites the Dust, Killer Queen, I Want to Break Free, and Under Pressure. Second Half-We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions, Flash, You Take My Breath Away, Who Wants to Live Forever, You're My Best Friend, Somebody to Love, Bohemian Rhapsody. Encore-Fat Bottomed Girls & Too Much Love Will Kill You
Just a great show! Tony enjoyed it too I think. And it gave us an excuse to dress up!

The other bit of fun news is that Monday I got highlights in my hair. Dark red and very subtle. A big step for me since I've NEVER done anything different with my hair before. Hair stylist, Nikki, who was awesome, told me it's addictive and I'll never want to stop! They are pretty damn awesome. I actually wish they were more prominent than they are. Next time! ;)

I'm outta material! Ciao!
Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
1:35 am
War Poem
Interesting weekend I had. Will update soon (hopefully Wed)!

I was reading some government and was reminded of the US/NATO involvement in Kosovo when I was in 7thth grade. I skipped a grade for "reading", and the 8th grade class was doing a section on poetry and we had to make poetry books. Anyway, long story short. . .I wrote a poem about what was going on. And. ..I still remember it word for word. It's not the most creative poem ever but I think sometimes simple is better. Anyway, for a 13 year old, I thought it was pretty good! And it pretty much applies to any war, minus the Serb part. There aren't a lot of things I've written that I've been overly proud of, so I thought I'd share!

(Can't Remember the Title)

Isn't it ironic
that we're dropping bombs for peace?
Is this really a good way
To get the war to cease?

Start attacking Serbs
The others will just flee
It doesn't really sound
Like an efficient way to me

I guess it will have to do
Until we find out more
On what is really causing
People choosing War

Current Mood: artistic
Sunday, March 22nd, 2009
12:59 am
Quickie Update!
Hiya. Here's the highlights of the past two weeks. . .

Backtrack to Friday the 13th. That was a fun night! Met up with Tony and others at the cavity. Had a beverage and then proceeded to a Mooseheads game! It was the last game, I believe, of the regular season. They were playing St. John. This would be junior hockey for those of you interested readers. I'd never seen a junior hockey game. It wasn't bad! I haven't been to many games at all this year so it was nice to get back in the hockey spirit! However, a bunch of us were heading to Ahmed's (who lives in our building) for a party so they wanted to leave before the liquor store closed. It was a tie game when we left and we left after overtime and before the shootout! So we missed the best part, but that's okay. We got to the liquor store with about one minute to spare! It also marked Tony and I's first bus ride in Halifax! Took the bus about half a mile but it was quicker than walking/running!

Party at Ahmed's was fun. Jackie, a future DDS student from Ellsworth was up looking for an apartment for the fall, so he was there. We chatted a bit. I'd met him in Orono a couple of times. I got pretty drunk without drinking much (not sure why, maybe lack of food) and ended up being really sick the next morning. But the good part was, I got to chat with some of Tony's classmates that I hadn't talked to much before and I got inspired to dye my hair! Tony has a classmate who has red highlights in her hair and it makes her look cute and spunky. I decided I need more spunk! She was very encouraging and sweet enough to give me a 25% gift certificate to the place she had her hair done at! So I guess I will be doing that in the next month! Everyone is always telling me to do something different with my hair and I think this will be great because A) It won't take any maintenance and B) I won't be cutting it, which is often asked of me and my hair grows slow so if I didn't like it, I'd be screwed.

The next day was Pi Day! I have to give props to pi day because it's the best geek holiday ever and apparently it was recognized officially by Congress this year! I'm glad they are doing something useful! LOL :)

This past Tuesday of course was St. Patty's Day! Celebrated my 25% Irish heritage by attending the 1st Annual Flip Cup Challenge, hosted by one of Tony's classmates, Ian. I had never even heard of flip cup so my goal was to just not be the worst one! However, my team ended up in 3rd (out of 5) and I was deemed a "flip cup ninja." It was quite the tourney with a whole bracket and everything. So more DDS bonding, and it was a good time. I have to admit, I am anxious to hone my skills!! Oh, and I want to give credit to the amazing trophy that the winning team got!

I guess that is most of the excitement. This weekend so far has been very toned down. Tony was away most of today at school giving tours to interested students. Oh, but yesterday I DID get a marriage proposal from the deaf pirate, Jack, that sits out in front of the liquor store! Tony gave him a tiny bottle of rum and so Jack gave Tony a high five. I gave him a high five too and he proceeded to kiss my hand and ask me to marry him. Caught off guard I replied, "Uh, maybe later." And then he laughed heartily in a pirate way.

In other exciting news, I got tickets to the Nova Scotia Symphony does Queen music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited! In case somebody reading this doesn't know, Queen is my favorite band of all time. Actually . . .I'm pretty sure everyone knows that. Especially in light of my LJ username.

Got a lot of stuff to do Sunday and Monday. Ugh.

Otherwise classes going well. I've been coming up with some interesting theories of late. Don't want to get into them now. But I love how excited I get after I come back from a philosophy of bio class or a soc class. Although, soc has been annoying me recently. They give no credit to biology whatsoever. Several times I have wanted to raise my hand and say, "actually, that can be explained in conjunction with this. . ." but there's no need for me to rain on their parade. I'll try to keep my thoughts within the discipline and thus receive a good grade, lol.

Live Long and Prosper.
Monday, March 16th, 2009
12:35 am
Before the end of semester. . .
About 3 weeks for. .

2 Exams
2 Quizzes
2 Short Essays
2 Papers

Should probably start on fafsa and fill out off campus work permit form.

Not too bad I guess. . .
Friday, March 13th, 2009
2:34 am
Finally, another Update!
I'm slacking! My deepest apologies. First off, I would like to say congrats to Tara & Mark on their engagement! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Let's start with something really cliche. The weather! While everyone at home got pounded with snow. . .we didn't! Although, I must say, I kind of missed that! It's getting to be really nice here though. This past weekend it was in the low 50s.

Last week of Feb we had a week off from school. As I mentioned last time, we didn't go home! And half of Tony's class went to the Dominican. But hey, that's cool. We actually got stuff accomplished! We bought the most comfortable papasan chair in the history of chairs from pier 1. Here it is! http://www.pier1.com/Catalog/Furniture/tabid/519/CategoryID/158/List/0/catpageindex/5/Level/a/ProductID/1114/Default.aspx We got the little footstool too and the cushions are solid blue. We also bought a new tv stand because ours was super old and falling apart. The place is slowly coming together and starting to look nice. Oh and we got new curtains too!
One cool thing that we did was go check out the IMAX theater. We went to a 3D movie, "Under the Sea." I thought it was fantastic. And super 3D! lol
Another plus to break was that Tony said I could pick out whatever I wanted for Valentines Day. Sooo. . .I got the motorcycle gear at the bottom! Jacket, gloves and boots (had the helmet).
One thing I've observed here during our shopping is that people are REALLY good sales people. They don't act all gloomy because they have a crappy job, they are actually enthusiastic and super helpful, even when they can tell we aren't going to buy something! It's something that I truly appreciate.
So overall, it was an okay break. We stocked up our liquor cabinet, ate out a little, saw a cool movie, and fixed up the apt. Can't complain!

In other news, there's only like 3 weeks of school left. WOAH! And I found out that I am indeed eligible for an off campus work permit! So I'll probably submit my application this weekend. It takes a few weeks and knowing Canadians, probably even longer, lol. Things go so slowly around here. ..I can't remember if I said this last time or not but I submitted my application to hygiene and should hear back around June. Right now the plan is to stay here and work over the summer but my plans are flexible. Tony plans on being here.

Last Friday I helped out at a bake sale for the DDS1s! Tony said his class was having a bake sale and I asked him if he was manning a table. He told me he was just going to make fudge. I said, "Aw, I miss doing stuff like that (in high school, for example). So Tony asked the class pres if I could sell stuff and he said yes! Not only that, but they had class so I was on my own for an hour! It probably doesn't sound that exciting but I don't get to interact with other human beings like that nearly as much as you might think. It was nice to get out of the apartment for something other than class or groceries. :)

Speaking of dental stuff, a UM student got accepted to Dal's DDS program for next year. I don't really know him but we've met once or twice, good guy. He's up here now looking for apartments. I offered to navigate for him tomorrow if need be. Us Mainers have to stick together! Not sure if he'll take me up on it or not. In other weekend news, I think Tony and I might go to a Halifax Mooseheads game. That's their junior hockey team. I've never been to a junior hockey game before and it's the last one of the season!

Speaking of being social (from a paragraph ago), Beth's come over on several occasions over various weekends. A DDS2 from UM that happens to live in our building. Tony has known her for a few years. It's nice having friends over and just relaxing! Plus the Maine thing again. That keeps cropping up. Oh, speaking of which, I saw a student today with a Umaine jacket on! I got so excited I almost turned around and chased after him!! But he looked like he was in a hurry. If I see him again, I think I will!

I guess that just leaves my classes! Well, I am LOVING Philosophy of Biology. I am so glad I took that class after all. It is SOOO interesting. We've covered such topics as adaptation, altruism, the naturalization of ethics, intelligent design & creationism, and the concept of species. One thing I love about the class is that it challenges me to think about things but things that luckily, I actually know some stuff about! I'm doing well in the class too. I had a high B average and we had an exam today that I think I might have aced!
I've kind of made friends with the prof too. She likes me. :) She really liked an essay I wrote too, about how socialism is more "natural" than capitalism. They always say capitalism=natural selection=this is the way things should be..but I think I made at least a somewhat convincing argument to the contrary! Anyone who wants to read it is welcome to (its only 500 words...that's the max!)

As for more right brain thinking, my contemporary social theory class! I think the lectures are boring but a different student gives a presentation every class. And we go through one social theorist a day, so the class moves quickly! I like the students in the class though. It's full of marxists, feminists and anarchists (or any combo). They actually make me feel conservative, especially in group discussion. LOL. The prof is a tough grader but very fair. We don't have exams but we have quizzes and we have to write two papers. I have done one already. My presentation was on hegemony, which is referred to by particular sociologists as an entire culture dominated by one class through shared beliefs imparted from the dominating class to the rest of the culture or society. It’s a way of maintaining class order through consent of the people instead of force alone. So I wrote my paper on how the American media exaggerates the threat of terrorism in order for the American government to justify taking away many of our Constitutional rights! I thought the prof would love it but I just got a B- on it. Which is okay but she said I looked like I rushed through it. Which I did. haha. Still have a solid B in the course though with room to bring it up! I think I'll write my other paper on queer theory.

Lastly, American Government. Students in the class could not be more dull, but the prof is wacky. We've only gotten one grade so far and that was an essay exam. Ahead of time she said, "Anything could be on the test." So...I was nervous (especially not being a poli sci major)! But I got an A+!!!!! Rock on me! And I must say, her absolute adoration and enthusiasm and love of our government is a little contagious. I still don't trust anyone IN the government, but I think her respect for the system might be growing on me juuuuuust a little. :)

So I think that wraps it up for now. I'll try to update more frequently. Maybe over the weekend.


Sunday, February 15th, 2009
7:59 pm
Finally, an Update!
Oh loyal followers, sorry about the delay. This semester is shaping up to be a bit busier than I had first expected! I might even do another update later to expand on some thoughts from this one.

Okay so first things first. The main cause of my delay was that for the first two or three weeks of January, I didn't feel very well. And then I just got behind and didn't feel updating. I had a really bad cold for most of December. Then all my symptoms miraculously went away but I was left feeling really lightheaded and woozy 100% of the time. I guess I wasn't getting enough oxygen. I was just considering visiting a doctor when a Saturday or two ago, Tony made me lie down for a day and not do anything. That did the trick! Now I am fully recovered!

I love how I made all sorts of notes about things to include and now they are SUCH old news. Okay, so lets see. My life is pretty boring aside from classes. Well, I had a job interview! It was for an "interviewing" position. I'd go around with a cameraman and talk to students for surveys and things. Apparently there was only one other applicant. And also apparently I am a total loser because it's been like two weeks and I haven't heard back from them! I think I made a bad impression at the interview as I was nervous and sick and they were looking for someone enthusiastic and full of energy, lol. Too bad too because I wrote a kickass cover letter. Anyway, it was only for $40 a week so it doesn't really matter.

In other news, I have been lifting weights! Yes, you heard me! Weights! I can now bench almost 50% of my body weight! And Tony's got me drinking protein shakes too. I need to start doing some other sort of stuff though. I do some curls and I was doing leg stuff but then I got busy or something and haven't lately. Anyway, we're getting all buff here.

I got a rejection letter from dentistry the other day. I knew I was going to get it. What bugs me though, is that last year I got it in May. That means I was the first to get cut! It's just not a happy feeling. However, I applied to the hygiene program tonight! I don't think I should have any trouble getting in but I've been encouraged by a friend to meet with someone from hygiene so I think I shall set up an appt. That stuff makes me nervous but I'll just have to suck it up.

I spent a lot of this past weekend listening to Maine hockey games. I kind of miss it. They aren't so hot this year and got crushed 7-2 at home on Friday against #1 BU, and then came back and tied 2-2 on Saturday. That was pretty cool. Everyone is so negative about them this year. It's not going to get better, since the coach is problem numero uno, but I take pleasure in small victories.

Speaking of hockey, Tony and I have the week after next off. We aren't going home because Tony has too much to study and I don't want to go alone. But I think I will get tickets for a Moosehead game. That is the junior hockey team here. Tickets are $15 for students! We also will take some time to explore the city. We haven't seen most of it!

This past Friday, Beth and John and their puppy came over. One of the best behaved dogs I've ever had the pleasure of hanging out with! We had a good time. Got pizza, had drinks, etc etc. We don't relax with friends very often so it was really great. I think they were probably here until about 3 am.

Didn't celebrate V-Day because Tony has two tests Monday and a paper due later in the week. So we are celebrating on Saturday (which is also vacation). I am going to take him out to a nice dinner at Il Mercado, an Italian restaurant. He said he'd buy me whatever I wanted! So we're going to go shopping for motorcycle apparel! I have a nice helmet but I need a leather jacket that fits (mine is second hand and uncomfortable), gloves and boots. I'm excited.

I love Brent Spiner and mom told me that him and Armin Shimmerman (sp) were going to be on an episode of Leverage that Jonathan Frakes was directing. Well, I had never heard of this show before. I watched it online thought and OMG, it's awesome! I seriously recommend it to anybody who likes anything! lol. Really, I liked it that much. It's about a little band of criminals that do good deeds. Kind of a robin hood mentality. I only saw that one episode and tried to watch the first one tonight and the website I got it off of is gone. And the other one I found won't let me watch it because I'm in Canada, lol. I guess I'll have to wait until season 1 comes out on dvd. Anyway, good writing and acting and there was drama and comedy.

Okay, so I've just written a lot and haven't even gotten to my classes yet! So I think I will save that. There will probably be a heavy political agenda accompanying, lol. I shouldn't say that actually. It's not an agenda, just my personal thoughts. I love that my classes really let me think about stuff. And I've been thinking a lot. So I shall save that! Until then. . .

Quote of the week:
Jesse: Guido will ALWAYS eat linguine

RIP Dimpy & Buddy
Thursday, February 12th, 2009
10:50 pm
Happy 200th Chuck & Abe!
Just wanted to say that incase I don't get to posting in the next hour!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
1:53 am
Update Soon, For Real
Like, today! (Thursday)
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009
12:01 am
To My Loyal Livejournal Readers. . .
Update later this week, I promise!
Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
12:27 am
Looks again at list..
That is a disproportionate amount of sci-fi!
12:14 am
TV Thing
Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows ever:

1. Bold the shows you watch/used to watch.
2. Italic the shows you've seen at least one episode of.
3. Post your answers.

50. Quantum Leap
49. Prison Break
48. Veronica Mars
47. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
46. Sex & The City
45. Farscape
44. Cracker
43. Star Trek
42. Only Food and Horses
41. Band of Brothers
40. Life on Mars
39. Monty Python's Flying Circus
38. Curb Your Enthusiasm
37. Star Trek: The Next Generation
36. Father Ted
35. Alias
34. Frasier
33. CSI: Las Vegas
32. Babylon 5
31. Deadwood
30. Dexter
29. ER
28. Fawlty Towers
27. Six Feet Under
26. Red Dwarf
25. Futurama
24. Twin Peaks
23. The Office
22. The Shield
21. Angel
20. Blackadder
19. Scrubs
18. Arrested Development
17. South Park
16. Doctor Who
15. Heroes
14. Firefly
13. Battlestar Galactica(iveseen most of the original, and some of the new)
12. Family Guy
11. Seinfeld
10. Spaced
09. The X-Files
08. The Wire
07. Friends
06. 24
05. Lost
04. The West Wing
03. The Sopranos
02. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
01. The Simpsons

I just want to add that my three favorite shows of all time are on here! Babylon 5, Next Gen, and Monty Python! Woot! And CSI & Family Guy, my two favorite current non-reality shows.
Friday, January 23rd, 2009
1:23 pm
I know the point of this is to underscore the first African American president. And it IS a huge thing, but I haven't said much of it since that's not why I voted for him. At any rate, since I was a little little kid, I've loved to watch people morph into other people. So, I just really liked this all around!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
4:38 pm
President Obama!
Ah, what a day!!!!! I'm overwhelmed. I've never really said that I was proud to be American. Not that I haven't been, but I guess I just haven't felt very patriotic the last few years. Yes, I love my country, always, but it's hard to feel "pride" when you think its going in the wrong direction and you have no faith in your leaders. But today, I can say with conviction that I feel a lot of pride. I even tried to find a shirt or something with an American flag on it but I realized I don't have any, lol. So I wore my Obama pin on my jacket.

I think everyone should have had the day off, lol. Not just Americans, but everyone! It seems that a lot of classes back home got to watch the swearing in and such. And everyone at work was watching. I went to class but I don't know how I could focus. Even my philosophy professor was stoked. Her cell went off during class, which was apparently someone informing her of where she could watch the inauguration!

I have to say that the facebook/cnn feed was quite a nifty thing. Being sort of isolated in Hali, it helped to feel like I was watching the events unfold with thousands of other excited enthusiastic hopeful men and women from around the world. That was fantastic to see everyone elses thoughts as things happened.

The inauguration: Awesome!!!!! 2 million people, wow! Best parts were Aretha singing America, Cheif Justice Roberts messing up the oath (haha), and Itzhak Perlman and Yo Yo Ma. Oh and Obama's daughters taking pictures. So cute. The poem was really weird and Michelle looked like she was trying hard to figure out what the lady was talking about! Oh and another highlight was referring to GWB as the "former President." :)

Speech: Well the speech was overwhelming. Probably the best speech of my lifetime, that I've heard. He really spoke to everyone and integrated everybody into his speech. Bush got owned a couple times in the speech, not a bad thing. But overall, you could really feel the conviction and meaning in what he was saying. Some of my favorite quote:

"All are equal, all are free"
"...all deserve the chance to pursue their full measure of happiness."
"We will restore science to its rightful place"
"We reject as false the choice between our safety and our ideals" (Take that Bush!)
"People will judge you on what you build, not on what you destroy" (speaking to world leaders)

Right now, the Obamas just got back in the car after walking down the street for a bit. Pretty brave of them. And I'm enjoying the facebook statuses regarding Michelle walking in her heels, lol. Ah, I love technology. . . sometimes.

It's a great day. As some civil rights dude said, we've come so far in such a short time. Only in America.

In sociology, we were talking about Max Weber's views that a charismatic leader will change the world. Since Hitler, that seems to have a negative connotation. And while I know that people get swept up in Obama and he hasn't "Done anything yet", the massive amount of hope that he's instilled in so many millions of people all over the world IS something in itself. People actually believe things can change for the better now. That their own lives can change. Of course, his words need to be backed up.I think that if Obama makes good on even a fraction of what he's promised, his presidency will be a success. He certainly has a lot of support, from people of all sides. Someone in class said they watched the speech with cynicism and looking for flaws but was really impressed.

Quote of the Day:
Jesse: This is a tribute to us, Kathleen! We had to suffer both our entire high school AND college days in a dark political stigma. Here's to turning our spirits for the U.S. around, and having real pride!

Current Mood: excited
Monday, January 19th, 2009
4:16 pm
Last Day!
Of the Bush regime. *does happy dance*

It appears to be a day like any other day. . .

But, it's an extra happy day!

It also happens to be MLK Day. But not in Canada. However, somewhat ironically, classes were cancelled today. I'm not sure why. I think perhaps flooding? I know some offices were flooded. . . it's like 45 degrees out, the nicest day of the past week by far. And, I didn't have class today anyway! I do have a lot to study though, so I guess I'll get back to it. . .still happy though!
Sunday, January 18th, 2009
10:18 pm
So Tony thought that we should have lunch at A & W today, in this cheesy mall on Spring Garden. So, we did. And on the way out, we stopped at an art sale. And woah! We got two framed pieces for $25 each that are now in the very empty space over our bed! They look awesome! I'm so excited. We just need one more piece of art (Tony wants a mirror) in the living room over the tv, and the place will look perfect!
Friday, January 16th, 2009
2:05 am
Gay Marriage
I wanted to make this a separate post because it's such a big deal. Such a big deal to me in fact that in a heated debate with a friend just now, I got so pissed off that I claimed to, "Fight to the death," for gay marriage. Well, I can't think of a circumstance where that would come in to play but if it ever does, I guess I will stick to my word! lol

Anyway, jokes aside, a heterosexual democratic maine state senator is proposing legislation that would allow for gay marriage is Maine. At first I thought, "That will never pass in Maine!" But I also thought it was a good start and would get people thinking. Sometimes you need a few futile attempts before you can make a big change. Nothing wrong with that. But then I started really thinking. Mainers are weird. You never know how they will vote. And one thing I know, is that they don't like the government or anyone else telling them what to do. Also, it's not a religious debate, it's a legal one. There IS a separation of church and state. Therefore, religion should not come into play. Homosexuals should have the same rights as everyone else. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, etc etc. Mainers are nothing if not practical, and I think that reason can possibly prevail. I mean hello, this is what this country was founded on, equality. Took a while for blacks, women, etc...and now for homosexuals, but it'll happen eventually. Anyway, you can't persuade the crazy religious folk, but I think perhaps they are the minority. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. But, yay for Maine and kudos to Mr. Damon.

now I'm tired and must retire to my quarters :-P
1:28 am
Quick Break Recap and On to the New!
My break now seems like forever ago! I guess I've been back for almost two weeks now. I think when I left off, I had just gotten home from being in Orono for a few days. There is not a whole lot left to speak of. On Christmas Eve I got to visit with James, Tara and Patrick for a bit. Christmas Eve was a little strange this year because there was no mass at St. Joes. Mom and I had to go to Calais. But at least we went to mass with Doo-Da and Bridget and got to be with family. Christmas was really nice. My grandmother was in good spirits and I think everyone else was. Picked tony up after Christmas. We had Uno and Lois and Tony came for the first time! Jesse won! New Years Eve, Tony and I went to the Rose Garden. Our friend was playing in a band. It was the coldest night of the year, I think, but I managed to run out at 11 to watch the Maple Leaf drop and then again at midnight for the sardine drop. On New Years Day, we went with Dad and Lauren and B and M, and Dennis and Bud and Melinda to the Algonquin. Then we went bowling! I almost kept up with Bud for a bit but then my arm got tired and I started sucking, lol. So that is the shortest recap I can make!

I do want to point out the coolest Christmas gift I got was from Tony. . .he MADE ME A DIDGERIDOO! I never would have guessed that one! He remembered this summer when I saw a guy playing it in the follies that I said, "I want one of those!" and he said, "I can make you one." What a sweetheart! It's kind of purple and splotchy. I can't play it yet though. I can't do cyclical breathing. But I will! That should be a new goal for this year.

Okay so then I came back and had to start classes. Last week sucked because I have had a cold for a month now. I thought it was going away but it actually got worse! Like. . .I was coughing all the time, I couldn't breathe at all through my nose, my throat hurt, I was all sneezy and stuff. . .it just sucked. Now, going on my 5th week with this damn virus, it's almost gone. Just some remnants of coughing and stuffiness. So classes. . .

This semester is going to be VERY interesting in terms of classes. Very small classes and quite a different type than I am used to. No science classes, so I'll have to be using the other half my brain, long stagnant! Actually, I like to think I use the right side a lot, just not in an academic capacity. Anywho, it's also fundamentally different as far as I will be doing a lot of reading and writing with less emphasis on exams. And lots and lots of creative thinking. I'm only taking three so here's a summary:

American Government: Taking this for an easy A. Plus I think taking it in Canada should be interesting. It only meets once a week (for three hours), so we've only gone over the constitution so far. My prof is crazy as hell and is apparently in love with Hamilton and Madison. At the beginning of each class, somebody has to recap the weeks events in American political news. I volunteered for this coming week because of the inauguration. Due to my strong feelings and obvious bias, I will probably have to go back on my word to not draw attention to myself by announcing that I am indeed, from "the states."

Philosophy of Biology: Oh this class. If there was ever a class to test my patience, it may be this. It's half bio students and have phil students, which I think makes it very unique. But, the class run by a philosopher you self-professed that she, "doesn't care about facts." So we've been focused entirely on adaptations and natural selection. I won't go into detail but she DOES bring up some interesting points. For better or worse, my infatuation with Mr. Darwin has made somewhat close-minded to her points. But I am paying close attention so that I can come up with counter points, lol. It's a fun class, really! We have 5 short essays to write throughout the semester, on the different readings (so far we've read Dawkins, Gould, etc), and 3 exams in which we get the questions ahead of time. If it's true that the only way to get an A in a philosophy class is to suck up the teacher, I am doomed! lol

Contemporary Social Theory: This one worries me slightly. I needed a soc class and this one had spots open. I didn't realize that it had spots open because people know that theory classes are hard!! Oh well. There are two majors papers that need to be written, no exams, and a presentation. I have already chosen the week to do mine. I chose a post-Marx (or something) week. Not because I love Marx so much but because it is very soon and I wanted to get it over with quickly! The professor seems funky.

I am also going to attempt to get a job on campus. There are limited options though, it seems.

In OTHER news. . .I am lifting weights! I am benching 40 pounds right now, lol. Sounds wimpy but that's over 1/3 of my body weight! I am doing leg curls with 60.

It was FREEZING today! I decided to finally explore the tunnel on campus. I didn't get as far as I wanted to in it though. I meant to go all the way to the library and apparently came out somewhere between the life science building as the library. I will make another attempt on Tuesday! I should have just followed the signs instead of the crowd. Duh.

Watched CSI tonight. Cried at the end.

One more post. . .
Friday, January 9th, 2009
1:15 pm
Strange Dream
So I was just telling a friend about a really weird dream I had. And after I told him, it sounded even stranger. So I still need to make a real update soon but for now. . .here's a synopsis of my strange dream!

Jimmy Carter died, and there was a funeral procession in Eastport with his casket. And Jesse was involved somehow. But I missed seeing it. I had wanted to take a picture. I ran after it with another friend but we couldn't catch up with it. So I got Jesse to take me to where it was being stored and I saw the cart it was being pulled on, but no casket. I said, "Where is it?" And Jesse said it was hidden under the floorboards! So he started pulling it all up and then took out a skeleton (as if Carter had been dead for a long time). And then the new president who seemed more like a king than a president (a fictional person) came and got really mad. But I think I got my picture!
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